Hi guys and welcome to Serbia and BELGRADE RUNNING CLUB!

“You probably found us on Google or Facebook and you probably want to join us for a run?! This is the right place for you! Come and join us free on our regular workouts during the week!

We are a recreational running club with several running groups:

BEGINNERS (RUNNING SCHOOL) – people that just started with their running career. Sessions are usually from 2 to 6km of running.

INTERMEDIATE (ROAD RUNNERS) – a bit better-prepared people in their running life. Their running time for half marathon is around 1:50 till 2:10.

ENDURANCE (COMPETITIVE, TRAIL, MARATHON) team runs different speeds and goals.

We do have a monthly membership fee (30 EUR) for the regular runners who train 3-4 times weekly with our coaches, but if you are visiting Belgrade for a couple of days or weeks and you need running buddies please join us free and enjoy running and working out with us.


Hi guys and welcome to Serbia and BELGRADE RUNNING CLUB!


Here is the map of all locations where we run. Please see above current schedule when do we run in certain locations.

NOTE! Before coming please check by email, Viber or SMS are we running that particular day on a particular location!!! You could send us something like this: “Hi, are you tomorrow from 7 pm at Ušće, under Brankos Bridge?”, we will much appreciate it 🙂

Our email is or Viber/SMS on +381 63 812 65 73. If you need any further help feel free to send us questions!

Upon arrival, just look for our head coach Boris Ristanović or any other coach up there.

See you and have a nice stay and run in Belgrade!!!


Dragoljub Milosavljević
President of The Club